Covid-19 and Covid-19 Vaccine Information

Upon arrival to your appointment please remain in your car and call 910-790-3660 to start the check in process. Below is our current process for appointments

  • Call office 790-3660 check in over phone to verify address, insurance and collect copay as needed
  • Next the clinical staff will start your visit over the phone and advise you to meet them at the door
  • Mask is REQUIRED in the office at all times
  • The clinical staff will check your vital signs and the Provider will see you
  • We appreciate your patience at this time.

If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and have an upcoming appointment, please call to reschedule your appointment or see if a televisit is possible at the time. If you have any of the following allergy symptoms, cold, cough, sinus or sore throat symptoms please let the staff know at check in. We are happy to see you with any of the symptoms but we need to prepare our staff for the visit.

Currently our practice does not have the Covid 19 vaccine. For Covid 19 vaccine information and appointments please contact the following:

Remain patient during this time as we all are doing the best we can to get everyone vaccinated.